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Building Maintenance  


The Building Section is responsible for carrying out planned & daily maintenance for almost all of the properties within       Government Estates.  In addition the section also manages small minor works, and capital projects for Government as required.


Planned Maintenance

The Planned maintenance of a facility consists of carrying out major building upgrades and complete planning both interior and exterior.  Examples of building upgrades include the replacement of windows, doors, electrical work and plumbing fixtures as required.  Planned maintenance is carried out on a four year cycle.  One quarter of the Government Estate receives planned maintenance every year, therefore ensuring every facility receives planned maintenance every four years.

Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance consists of calls by the building users for assistance.  These include calls for plumbing, electrical, and building works.  On average 300 calls are received monthly for maintenance and the Section must be prepared to respond seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Description of Organization

The section is managed on a day to day basis by the Buildings Manager.  The Building Manager has a staff of three superintendents and some seventy tradespersons.  They are divided into three board areas of operations.  They are the Western Depot (comprising of Pembroke, Paget, Warwick, Southampton, and Sandys); the Eastern Depot (Devonshire, Smiths, Hamilton, and St. George’s); and the “Contract Facilities” team who are responsible for three middle schools and the Prison Facilities.  The “Contract Facilities” team derives its name from the fact that they conduct all of their operations with Contractors and no Direct Labour.

This Section provides a fertile training guide for Building Technicians and apprentices.