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The Public Service Commission (PSC) is appointed in accordance with the Bermuda Constitution Order (section 81 refers) “ the Governor, by instrument under the Public Seal, acting after consultation with the Premier who shall first have consulted the Opposition Leader....”.

Therefore it is not a Government Department, and there is no Head of Department. It is an independent body, politically impartial and responsible directly to the Governor.

All business conducted by the Public Service Commission is undertaken in the strictest confidence. The main functions of the Public Service Commission are:

•  Advertising of vacancies.

•  Assessments and selection.

•  Appointments and promotions.

•  Probation reports.

•  Performance appraisals.

•  Discipline appeals.

•  Trainees.

The Public Service Commission Regulations 2001 and the Public Service (Delegation of Powers) Regulations 2001 are the instruments under which the PSC functions.

These can be found on the Department of Human Resources website under the heading Conditions of Employment and Code of Conduct, appendices 1 and 2.

The Department Human Resources provides the Secretariat and the Director serves as the Secretary to the Commission.

In summary the objectives of the PSC is to ensure that all appointments, promotions, dismissals and all disciplinary matters within the Public Service are conducted efficiently, fairly and without political interference.