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Healthy People in Healthy Communities

To ensure Bermuda has an equitable and sustainable health system that promotes and protects the physical, mental and social well being of individuals and the community.

The Ministry promotes and protects the physical, mental and social well-being of the community by ensuring the following outcomes:

  • The population of Bermuda has a healthcare system which is accessible, affordable and effective.
  • The population of Bermuda is protected from public health threats and has information to allow them to lead healthy lives.
  • Bermudians have access to affordable health insurance.
  • Residents of Bermuda have access to hospitals which provide affordable, safe and effective care.
  • The Environment is protected and to manage the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Organizational Structure:
The Ministry of Health, Seniors, and Environment consists of the Ministry Headquarters, the Department of Health, the Health Insurance Department and the Department of Environmental Protection. In addition there are two Quangos: the Bermuda Hospitals Board and the Bermuda Health Council.

Ministry Headquarters coordinates and determines the policy direction of the individual departments. Each department is responsible for its own operation, under the direction of the Department head who reports directly to the Permanent Secretary. The Quangos, as statutory bodies appointed by the Minister, report to the Minister through the Permanent Secretary.

Programmes and Services:
The Ministry of Health and the Environment provides a wide range of programmes and services under the various Departments and Quangos. See the individual Department web pages for more information.

Legislative Authority
The primary legislation governing the Ministry and providing its mandate include:

  • The Public Health Act 1949
  • The Bermuda Hospitals Board Act 1970
  • Health Insurance Act 1970
  • The Bermuda Health Council Act 2004
  • Residential Care Homes and Nursing Homes Act 1999
  • Senior Abuse Register Act 2008
  • Agriculture Act 1930
  • Clean Air Act 1991
  • Dogs Act 2008
  • Endangered Animals and Plants Act 2006
  • Pesticide Safety Act 2009
  • Water Resources Act 1975
  • Veterinary Practitioners Act 2008

Statutory Boards and Committees
The Ministry of Health and the Environment has responsibility for Government Boards and Committees which provide oversight for key areas of the healthcare system and environmental protection. The statutory Boards and Committees include:

  • Bermuda Health Council
  • Bermuda Hospitals Board
  • Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • Health Insurance Committee
  • 12 statutory Councils and Boards regulating healthcare professions
  • The Board of Agriculture
  • The CITES Scientific Authority
  • The Commercial Fisheries Council (CFC)
  • The Environmental Authority
  • The Marine Resources Board
  • The Veterinary Practitioner’s Council